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Walk Through, or overview, audits are the least expensive type of commercial energy audits. The overview audit is fine for smaller organizations and those on a
budget and who want some quick tips on how they can reduce their energy usage and costs. It basically gives a road map of what to do.

We will review your energy expenditures and conduct a walk through audit to capture many aspects of your business like how much energy escapes through
structural deficits.In addition, HVAC, refrigeration and other process systems will be reviewed to find opportunities for your bottom line improvement.

Our team will conduct an energy audit that meets the requirements of the ASHRAE Level 1 Walk Through Analysis. We will evaluate the building's energy performance and energy consumption by analyzing building energy bills and conducting a brief visual survey. We gather facility-wide energy consumption data, derive performance indicators, and identify savings and cost analysis of low-cost, no-cost and capital improvement measures to improve building energy performance. In addition to
tasks performed in the Overview Audit, the ASHRAE Level 1 audit, we report how much in energy and energy costs can be saved from each energy conservation opportunity. We perform an energy balance, which breaks out energy usage into different end uses.

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