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For the Energy Survey & Analysis our team will conduct an energy audit that meets the requirements of the ASHRAE Level 2 audit. These audits include a more detailed building survey, financial projections, and energy analysis than ASRHAE Level 1 audits. Basically, ASHRAE Level 2 audits will identify all practical energy conservation measures (ECM's) for a facility that meet the owners constraints and economic criteria. A financial analysis will be performed based on implementation costs, operating costs, and attainable savings. For each energy conservation measure, you will know the amount to be saved, the amount the measure will cost, and the amount of time it will take for the measure to pay for itself. In addition, you will receive a list of identified capital improvements that will provide cost-effective energy savings and document the cost-benefit analysis associated with each. ASHRAE Level 2 audits will also discuss any effect on operations and maintenance procedures.

ASHRAE Level 2 audits are used by clients who are seeking LEED-EB or LEED-O&M status. ASHRAE Level 2 audits are worth 2 points (LEED-EB or LEED-O&M Credit 2.1, Option B) and are sometimes selected by our clients as it is less expensive than Retro-Commissioning (LEED-EB or LEED-O&M Credit 2.1, Option A).

In addition, often times, investors will require more rigorous financial projections than ASHRAE Level 1 audits provide. With ASHRAE Level 2 audits, we will provide realistic savings reports with regard to baseline operating costs. These reports can be customized and will stress the expected return on investment and projected savings using the investor's chosen techniques and criteria.

ASHRAE Level 2 audit reports will summarize the following topics:


Following the submission of the Level II Survey and Analysis report, a meeting with the investor/owner to discuss priorities and help select measures for implementation or further analysis.

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