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The intent is to reduce fixture and fitting water use within the building to reduce burdens on potable water supply and wastewater systems.

This can be achieved by using high-efficiency plumbing fixtures or fittings, sensors, restrictors or reduced flow aerators, dry fixtures or water-efficient appliances,
which can easily be incorporated into most existing buildings. To determine the best way to add these fixtures or fittings to an existing building, we analyze the water conservation options taking into consideration the infrastructure and the usage pattern of the equipment. Water-efficient fixtures can save heated and chilled water, which provides an accelerated payback as it saves energy costs and water.

Effective methods to reduce potable water use are:

water efficiency

The c2e engineering team will inventory current fixtures and fittings, calculate building occupancy, and determine user groups to identify the most efficient way for your building to save potable water. Get in touch with us: