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Solar thermal systems are widely used in both residential and commercial applications to provide hot water, space heating and industrial hot water. For commercial and industrial applications, c2e can provide integrated solar thermal solutions, working with local partners to design, install, commission and maintain solar thermal heating systems for a full spectrum of commercial, industrial and large-scale residential applications.

Components of solar thermal systems for industrial processes
Today, the most common collectors used are water-based flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors. They have undergone a great deal of development in
the last few decades and are typically very efficient, using selective coated absorbers, and highly transmissive glass, sometimes in connection with anti-reflective coating. These collectors work very effectively up to 175°F and are frequently used in Solar Industrial Process Heat (SHIP) applications.

The low temperature level needed(< 175°F) complies with the temperature which can easily be reached with solar thermal collectors already on the market. The principles of operation of components and systems apply directly to industrial process heat applications. The unique features of these applications lie on the scale
on which they are used, system configurations, controls needed to meet industrial requirements, and the integration of the solar energy supply system with the auxiliary energy source and the industrial process.

However, for many industrial applications higher temperatures are necessary. While pipes and pumps from conventional heating systems designed for this temperature range can be used, the solar thermal collectors must be specifically made to provide heat at temperatures above 175°F.

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