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Walk Through Analysis ASHRAE Level 1
c2e will review your energy expenditures and conduct a walk through audit to capture many aspects of your business.


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Energy Survey & Analysis ASHRAE Level 2
Through the systematic approach we develop an understanding of the operation of the building's major energy-using systems.


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Detailed Analysis
ASHRAE Level 3
A detailed analysis of capital intensive modifications aims to develop a refined forecasting system to predict financial impacts and operational changes.
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Energy Conservation Measures (ECM)
Implementation, commissioning and monitoring of proposed ECM's with the intend to reduce energy use and costs.
Continous green improvement of energy-using equipment and in business procedures to eliminate waste.
Project Management
It includes the planning of capital intensive investments and involves the arrangement, and negotiation of financial, regulatory, contractual and other aspects of the project.

The process of scrutinizing businesses in order to identify potential eco-friendly practices often results in improvements to operation efficiency. The examination may focus on reducing environmental impact. However, one of the strategies for accomplishing that objective is to eliminate the causes of product or service rejections.


ASHRAE audits, the implementation of ECM's, Green Kaizen, and the project management are means to reduce the carbon foot print and therefore to improve the efficiency of equipment and employees. The improved efficiency adds benefits to your organization as the waste is cut off!


Higher employee morale due to better indoor environmental quality will attract and retain talent to your company. This will lead to quality products and services, an enhanced brand value and reputation, a strong market position, direct and indirect cost savings and increased profitability to name a few.

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